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草场地 | 北京市朝阳区草场地艺术村红一号院 B2

天琴湾 | 深圳市盐田区万科·天琴湾9栋

深圳湾 | 深圳市南山区超级总部基地规划展览馆

从2013年创建开始,应空间YING SPACE就一直致力于通过研究性展览、艺术收藏、学术讨论及跨界活动,赞助、呈现、梳理和讨论中国当代艺术领域最富有历史价值的艺术实践,并以多维的学术研究和梳理来探索其背后的方法与动机。2016年,应空间发起“去碑营”和“佛跳墙”两个长期常设项目,分别关注当代绘画领域和实验艺术领域最富活力的艺术实践。2020年,应空间则发起委任研究项目“Stèles 写作”,以支持和赞助艺术研究者的前沿思考和学术写作。

Since its establishment in 2013, YING SPACE has been devoted to sponsoring, presenting, sorting out and discussing the most historically valuable art practices in the field of Chinese contemporary art through research exhibitions, art collections, academic discussions and cross-border activities, and it explores the methods and motivations behind those art practices by using multi-dimensional academic research and analysis. In 2016, YING SPACE launched two long-term permanent project, “Stèles” and “VPN”, respectively focusing on the most dynamic art practices in the field of contemporary painting and experimental art. In 2020, YING SPACE then initiated the commissioned research project "Stèles Writing" to support and sponsor the cutting-edge thinking and academic writing of art researchers.


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